Fuelling the Churchill Northern Studies Centre

February 04, 2017

New Partnership Provides Ethically Sourced and Sustainably Grown Coffee at Churchill Northern Studies Centre

Starting in Feb 2017, researchers and learners at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre will begin their days with a cup of coffee sourced from Other Brother Roaster. Other Brother Roaster’s equitably sourced and sustainably produced coffee is a perfect fit for the Churchill Northern Studies Centre as they work toward a more sustainable future. Other Brother Roasters has created the Birdfish Blend, named after the CNSC’s mascot, which will be served in the cafeteria and available in the gift shop for purchase.

“As a research station, coffee is an important part of our days which can start early and end late. We are always searching for new ways for our operations to be more sustainable, and this partnership does that while supporting others here in our province.” said Grant MacNeil, Executive Director at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre “The opportunity to work with Other Brother provides us with a delicious, ethically sourced product we are proud to serve!” Erin Plett, owner of Other Brother Roasters said “We were so excited to be providing coffee for the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. Knowing that a researcher is going to fill their thermos with our coffee before they jump in a helicopter or drives out into the field is really great!”

  • Other Brother Roasters sources and roasts ethically and sustainably grown coffee, and creates a custom blend for the Churchill Northern Studies Centre
  • By purchasing coffee from Other Brother Roasters, the CNSC will save hundreds of dollars a year which can be put back into research and education projects
  • The Birdfish Blend will be brewed in the CNSC Cafeteria, and available exclusively for purchase in the CNSC giftshop.
About Churchill Northern Studies Centre
The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is a not-for-profit research and education facility located 23 KM east of the town of Churchill, located in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. As an independent not-for-profit organization, Learning Vacation fees help the centre to fulfill its mandate “to understand and sustain the north.” For 40 years, the CNSC has provided logistical support to researchers and learners in the region.