Ethiopia - Aricha Edido

Jasmine and floral with a delicate smooth mouthfeel

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Edido, Yirgacheffe
Farm: Various smallholder farms
Variety: Heirloom Ethiopia 
Altitude: 1850-1880 masl
Processing Method: Washed

This coffee comes from our washing-station partners at Aricha, which is in the kebele, or village, of Edido, in the woreda, or district, of Yirgacheffe, in the Yirgacheffe region. Aricha is among the microregions whose coffee is dynamic, almost tropical-tasting, with a juicy fruit base and a sugary, floral sweetness.

Coffee was literally made to thrive in the lush environment Yirgacheffe’s forests provide, developing nuanced floral characteristics, articulate sweetness and sparkling acidity. 

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