Nicaragua - Jesus Mountain

Balanced and sweet with lemon and green tea flavours and a smooth mouthfeel.

Origin: Nicaragua
Region: Jalapa, Nueva Segovia
Farm: Finca Jesus Mountain
Variety: Marsellesa
Altitude: 960-1450 masl
Processing Method: Fully washed

Jesus Mountain has 400 hectares of land set aside for forest reserve. The "mountain" in the farm's name is literal: The farm rests on the second-highest peak in Nicaragua, 1,836 meters at its summit.  The coffee from this farm is processes at a local small mill run by two sisters - Martha and Ana Albir.

Coffees from Cerro de Jesus are picked ripe and depulped/mechanically demucilaged the same day. They are fermented dry for 12–36 hours before being washed once and dried on Cafetos de Segovia's patios, either shaded or in full sun. Drying typically takes between 10–15 days.

This is a rainforest alliance certified coffee

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