What's up with all the Mexican coffees?

Posted by Erin Plett on

Have you ever wondered why we always offer at least one Mexican coffee? Often we have a selection of Mexican coffees available and I want to let you know why we value them so much.

Mexico holds a dear place in our hearts. Two of the founding members of Other Brother Roasters were born in Bolivia and raised in Mexico. Once we moved to Canada, we moved to the small town of Winkler, Manitoba. Here in Winkler there are many ties to Mexico as many people living here have either had a family member come from Mexico or are from there themselves.  

Mexican coffees are getting better and better every year! It’s really incredible how far they’ve come and we love being a part of their resurgence into the market. For example our lot of coffee from Finca Kassandra was particularly spectacular and was chosen by a local barista to use in the Regional Barista Championships last year.

Mexican coffees have a lot of strength. There are fantastic lots like the Kassandra I just mentioned but they also produce many fantastic “transitional” coffees. Transitional coffees have a familiar taste to someone who has been drinking coffee their whole life but maybe their experience is one of watered-down, flavorless, body less diner coffee.  The transitional coffee provides a familiar taste but with some refinement - some substance and character.

We love Mexico for the people, our home and the food! But we love Mexican coffees because there is enough diversity in their terroir that we can find competition grade coffee, or get coffees that are intended to help transition a coffee drinker from a utilitarian drinker to one seeking an experience. 

So we hope you appreciate the offerings we bring in. We always try to have an African or Central American representation as well but Mexican coffees are so dynamic we hope you take the time to appreciate them as well.